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Ovleno Business Intelligence (P) Ltd was started in 2010 with the objective of serving  political and commercial sector.
Currently We are serving in below mentioned Domains

  • Election Campaign Management
  • Mobile Media Management
  • Social media Management
  • BPO Services
  • Reserch & Survey
  • Facilitaion Centre

Our Products and Services has emerged as an important tools for Political Parties and leaders for managing their constituencies and party, thus helping them to remain Competitive. The political resource planning and management application is the only system of its kind being launched in India. This application would enable complete planning and organization of elections with accessibility to real time market scenarios at the office (administrator) level We provide end to end management services from data administration to poll management Data administration is performed by our intelligence team through surveys, open source intelligence, past trends study etc. Data is gathered and analyzed generating useful information for Client, this information is not only in reference with party but also the other parties (Rivals) involved in the election Poll Management is required near or on the day of election to make sure the sustainability of  forecasted consequences We have database of about 3627 constituency and 509 parliaments

SCL India

The SCL India is a venture between SCL Group, London and Ovleno Business Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.,  India SCL India is a research and strategy agency, specialising in data management and behavioural change communications campaigns for political, commercial and social clients. SCL India has permanent offices in ten states across the country together with a further 30 branch offices, some 300 permanent employees and over 1,400 consulting staff.

SCL India is part of the SCL Group, headquartered inLondon with offices in 13 countries on 5 continents.

SCL Group has more than two decades of experiencein behavioural change research and  communication campaigns in over 50 countries.

 What We Have :

  • Local knowledge and global expertise
  • Global reputation and expertise – credibility
  •  Software for Political Intelligence & Election Management
  • Android Application for Organization and Election Management where information can
  • be updated in real time on mobile
  •  Access to the foremost Behavioural change communications methodology in India
  • The complete package – ‘A to Z’ of election Management services
  •  Caste Research
  • Voter demographic data collection and analysis
  •  Behavioural Polling
  •  Media Monitoring
  •  Target Audience Analysis – Campaign Strategy
  •  Campaign Consultancy – Strategy and Intervention Management
  •  Poll Planning & Management



Under the umbrella of this program we provide end to end solution to manage complete election campaign through mentioned products and services.Political Resource Planning and Management system would enable complete planning and organization of elections with accessibility to real time market scenarios at the administrative level





Campaign Strategy :

  • Provide a sense of engagement with the voter
  • PR opportunity to display this ‘voter connect’

Use the same philosophy as the telcos – CONNECT

Response Campaign: 

We finalize one slogan reflecting our response driven campaignIdeally provided by Candidate office All collateral will have this slogan with various designs as well as the methods for interacting with usSMS, IVR, Web, Letter, Email We will utilize all possible media to spread this slogan.OOH (hoardings), local TV, National TV, SMS lists, BTL (posters, stickers)

All interviews that Candidate gives in this time frame will also include an appeal to utilize this.

Utilize ‘connected’ zones like cyber cafes, universities


Presence Campaign:


  • Picturees and CV
  • Video, audio and text of Candidate views on issues (i.e. – viewer searches for an issue and sees any media article, interview etc on that issue). Take full advantage of keywords.
  • Wallpapers, themes, ringtones etc for phones and computers
  • Image material (like logos, pictures, designs) for people to use for campaign materials.
  • Apart from this we can do following modes of campaign via mobile:
    • Missed Call
    • Toll Free Voice Application
    • RBT
    • Live Audio

    ORM Campaign:

    Online Reputation Management is process to protect and build positive online reputation

    Track Conversations

Mobile Media Management

Mobile Media Management

Ovleno provides a range of unified communication applications helping businesses establish their brands, grow customer base, engage customers across multiple channels cost effectively.

Now, improve your business effectiveness by moving your sales, marketing and support operations to the cloud through our comprehensive telephony integrated automation solutions

Never miss a Business Call

Ovleno , Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution is a cloud based EPABX for businesses. Ovleno comprises of an IVR installed on a hosted platform at a remotely located server and allows businesses to access the application through a user friendly web panel and serves as a low cost reliable business phone system with the added advantage of scalability,flexibility and zero capex.

Now create a powerful first impression with a single business number with unlimited extensions, that always connects.With hosted IVR solution, call management become’s intelligent through smart call tracking, routing and recoding capability. Ovleno offers a host of plug and play features which helps businesses project a bigger and professional image.

Multi-level IVR

Greet your customers with a professionally recorded welcome message in any language depending upon from where they are calling.Let your customers decide who they would like to speak to without any manual intervention. Receive calls on unlimited extensions anywhere in the world at any time.

Smart Call Routing

Define the call flow on the user friendly web based panel through simple drag and drop. Define the same based on the skill level, event and time based or any other business need. Call routing can help priorities calls based on the business value and route the calls to the right person.

Real Time Analytics

“ Half the money I spend on marketing is wasted and the problem is I do not know which half”…………Ovleno  powerful analytics engine helps you understand what is happening to your business calls in real time.How many calls did we receive,how many were answered ……. for what duration……from which region,who are my productive team members, which of my marketings campaigns were productive. Now you can get insights to all such questions and many more.

Call Recording

Ever wonder why productivity varies amongst your team members? With call recordings you can check all your incoming and outgoing conversations and store it for future use and you may delete these at any time. Trainings and new employee induction becomes so much more meaningful with exposure to live experiences.

CRM Integration

Our API can be seamlessly integrated with your CRM providing a single platform business view and helps you attain an integrated view of your marketing, sales, and support platforms.Engage with your customers right from lead to after sales support.

Real Time Notifications

Never miss a business lead, get end to end call tracking through sms and email notifications.You decide who receives which reports and at what frequency.

Sticky Agent

All of us like to talk to the same person with whom we have conversed earlier rather then explaining the whole story to another person. Sticky agent allows the call to be automatically connected to the same person who knows the customer recent history and helps in building customer trust and engagement.

Lead Management

Automate your lead management and ensure not even a single sales inquiry received or generated is wasted.You can now track the lead source to determine the roi of your marketing campaigns, increase lead conversion by distribution to those who are best qualified to convert them into business and can nurture the leads over a long period efficiently.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

  • Strategic planning to determine the best social voice for your brand
  • Identification of appropriate social approach for each social platform
  • Creation of social media content
  • Social Out-reach & influencer marketing

Social Media Management

  • Creation of social media apps
  • Daily management of your key social media accounts
  • On-line reputation management
  • Social Analytics

Social Media Marketing

  • Blogger & Influence Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Social Contests

In-bound marketing via social media



Why Partner with Oveleno?

Ovleno  has an edge over other BPO service providers in terms of scalability, infrastructure, expertise, business ethics, quality and commitment. Our rich domain expertise and ample resource-back-up empower us to render client-centric solutions that strengthen their competitive positioning and help them generate profits.

The qualities that help us stand out of the crowd are:

  • Efficient and knowledge workforce
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Scalability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Ability to innovate and think out-of-the-box
  • Zeal to add value throughout our efforts
Research & Survey

Research & Survey

Ovleno is a specialized service provider of Political Research &  Surveys . In addition, we are also in the ambit of Consumer Research, Census, Qualitative Research.

  Ovleno covered multiple industry like –Political Parties,news channels ,Education, Automobile, Telecom, Electronics, Health care, Beauty etc.

  We have expert 30+ staff with having experience of 4-5 years.

  We have 500+ people who are working with us as free lancer in PAN.

Facilitation Centre

Facilitation Centre

Divisions & Department

Divisions & Department

Main modules of Mobile Application

Main modules of Mobile Application

  • Survey management: Dynamic question creation and selection as per the needs and requirements, Administrator control panel for maintaining and updating questionnaire
  • Constituency/Assembly management: It has inbuilt GIS application to provide a platform to manage their tour program within  the constituency  with  driving directions, this tour plan will also be communicated dynamically to all involved people through SMS
  • Organizational management: An application through which party head can manage their

organization/ Party office on mobile. It helps in assigning the tasks to different participants and in transmission of circulars and instructions


Political Resource Management application

Political Resource Management application

  • A web integrated application where political leader can manage, update and communicate information and Instructions dynamically
  • It has inbuilt relevant Information with reference to assembly, block, Panchayat, Village, Family and politically important individuals
  • Information that can be updated and maintained dynamically are:
  • Family Level Information and Status
  • Caste Wise Voter Summary
  • Previous Election Result
  • Member Status
  • Rival Position
Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Ovleno platform provides a range of unified communication applications helping businesses establish their brands, grow customer base, engage customers across multiple channels cost effectively.Now, improve your business effectiveness by moving your sales, marketing and support operations to the cloud through our comprehensive telephony integrated automation solutions



Ovleno extends its expertise to business process outsourcing operations by providing reliable, flexible and cost-effective solutions across different domains, with a market reach spanning to countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore and Dubai.

Social media management

Social media management

Social Media Marketing has become a world marketplace for each business. The recognition of this platform has grownup exponentially, decrease each different selling impact! Social media marketing has transformed into a real art. It needs experience, expertise and creative thinking to succeed in at right time and impact the shoppers. That is wherever social media agency helps you making your complete awareness in social media.

Research & Survey

Research & Survey

Ovleno is a specialized service provider of Political Research &Surveys . In addition, we are also in the ambit of Consumer Research, Census, Qualitative Research. Ovleno covered multiple industry like –Political Parties,news channels ,Education, Automobile, Telecom, Electronics, Health care, Beauty etc.

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