Campaign Strategy :

  • Provide a sense of engagement with the voter
  • PR opportunity to display this ‘voter connect’

Use the same philosophy as the telcos – CONNECT

Response Campaign: 

We finalize one slogan reflecting our response driven campaignIdeally provided by Candidate office All collateral will have this slogan with various designs as well as the methods for interacting with usSMS, IVR, Web, Letter, Email We will utilize all possible media to spread this slogan.OOH (hoardings), local TV, National TV, SMS lists, BTL (posters, stickers)

All interviews that Candidate gives in this time frame will also include an appeal to utilize this.

Utilize ‘connected’ zones like cyber cafes, universities


Presence Campaign:


  • Picturees and CV
  • Video, audio and text of Candidate views on issues (i.e. – viewer searches for an issue and sees any media article, interview etc on that issue). Take full advantage of keywords.
  • Wallpapers, themes, ringtones etc for phones and computers
  • Image material (like logos, pictures, designs) for people to use for campaign materials.
  • Apart from this we can do following modes of campaign via mobile:
    • Missed Call
    • Toll Free Voice Application
    • RBT
    • Live Audio

    ORM Campaign:

    Online Reputation Management is process to protect and build positive online reputation

    Track Conversations

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